Dirty White Couch Studio

The Studio

Dirty White Couch Recording Studio sits in a 19th Century brick building in the heart of downtown Niles. Our studio is packed with the latest in high-end gear tailored to bring out the best quality for every recording session. We're prepared to record everything from commercial jingles to full studio albums.

With years of experience in both audio engineering and musicianship, we can help arists no matter their skill level, budget or point in the recording process. We also offer fill-in musicians and guidance with songwriting.


The Mixer


What we have:

Focusrite/Avid Control 24


What we have:

JBL LSR 6823P with subwoofer


Yamaha NS10m


What we have:

Pro Tools HD Native, 10/11/12

Alesis HD24XR Hard Disk

Panasonic SV-3700 DAT

Fostex A-8 ¼” 8 Track

Alesis ADAT-2ea

Avid HD 16 IO


What we have:

Warm Audio 1176 comp

Valley People-Dyna Mite

DBX compressors

Aphex EXBB550 exciter

Aphex CX550 Comp

Multiple Lexicon Reverbs


What we have:

John Hardy M2 with 4 channels

Neve 9098 pre with EQ

Universal Audio LA610 tube

Warm Audio Tone Beast

Heritage Audo Neve 1073 with EQ

Audient ASP880 with 8 channels

Avalon U5 Direct Box

MCI JH600 channels